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INNOVASPA is a longstanding manufacturer that is high-quality and stylish. They are based in USA, Canada and Europe.

At Happy Hot Tubs, we offer a range of InnovaSpa products across the Lake District. 
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InnovaSpa- Storm

Innovaspa spa hot tub in storm.


The Storm gets its name from nature. The often uncontrollable force of nature that is the storm reminds us of the powerful movement of water and the constant warm currents when we use the Storm spa; however, you can be in full control of this one. The Storm spa is equipped with 20 resistant stainless steel jets placed in such a way as to provide you with a unique and varied massage depending on your position or where you are sitting in the spa.

  • 5-6 people

  • 20 jets  

  • 1000 litres

InnovaSpa - Fantom

Innovaspa spa hot tub in fantom.


Look no further. Innovative, contemporary styling just met comfort. The Fantom features the simplicity of dual stadium seating for four that is complimented by the luxury of a full body conforming lounger. It appeals to those who want the choice of individual relaxation, or the fun of family and/or friends getting together.

  • 4-5 places

  • 20 jets  

  • 1174 litres

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