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Chemicals & Accessories in Kendal 

At Happy Hot Tub, we sell hot tub chemicals & accessories for you to have fun and take care of your hot tubs. We made sure that we allow free delivery on orders over £50. We want to ensure next day delivery option for our customers, making sure you don't go without. We know how important hot tub chemicals are to disinfect and ensure the pool is kept clean.

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Using the right hot tub chemicals will boost the appearance of the water. We offer a select range of items for your hot tub including PH/Alkalinity Balancers, ECO Products, Cleaners and Testing Products. We sell controllers to help maintain the PH levels of your hot tub. Testers are vital to get results to keep your hot tub healthy.

Take advantage of our broad collection of pool toys and cleaning equipment to improve your hot tub experience. We sell a variety of accessories to go alongside having a hot tub such as tables, stools, cabinets and many more!

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Take a look at the range of hot tub chemicals and accessories that we sell from Kendal.